Hi there. You’re currently on wysocki.consulting site - the IT Consulting company. If you’re interested in cooperation - please don’t hesistate to contact with me. I’ll also be very pleased to add you to my professional network on linked in.

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Software architecture

I’m experienced architect with battle-tested knowledge about:

  • migrating monolithic applications to microservices architecture
  • designing performant applications

Designing/improving development processess

  • implementing dev-ops culture in company
  • designing and implementing skills improvement processess in company
  • improving deployment and CI/CD processes

Trainings for your development team

  • Golang Trainings
  • Docker Trainings
  • Kubernetes Trainings
  • General IT Trainings
  • Code Katas
  • TDD/BDD trainigs

About Me

Jacek Wysocki

Hello I’m Jacek Wysocki, I’m happy husband and dad of those 3 kids above. I’m also doing some IT related stuff since I’ve got my first computer.

Professional Experience

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When should you contact?

I’m recently intereseted in cooperation with modern companies which are open for changes.

Unfortunately im only interested in almost fully remote cooperation (with possibility to arrange several on-site meetings per year) - so your company need to be prepared for remote work.